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Comfort Wall® purifies the air to accommodate for healthy breathing 

ComfortWall utilizes a combination of 9 filters to provide air quality suitable for even a hospital operating room.

Internal Air Filters

Four internal filters per panel rated from MERV 4-16

Fresh Air Exchange

Replaces stagnant air with oxygen-rich fresh air



250nm UV light sterilizes the air to eliminate Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold.

Internal Air Filtration

Four internal filters per panel rated from MERV 4-16



250nm UV light sterilizes the filters to eliminate Bacteria and Viruses.

Our UV-C 250nm fluorescent light works day and night to eliminate 99.9% of the harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold in our air.

The UV light within the spectrum of  200nm - 280nm is known as the UV-C germicidal light range.


UV-C  interferes and prevents cell division within the bacteria, viruses, and molds thus eliminating their ability to reproduce.

UV light is a safe and environmentally friendly physical process that eliminates the need for often toxic chemical sterilization methods.

The 5-stage design promotes longevity of filter operation and reduces the work done by our immune system

The initial filter is Infused with Carbon to absorb and eliminate odors within the room. 

As the air moves up through the filters, the coarse particles are trapped in the lower levels while finer particles as small as .3 microns are trapped in the highest levels.

The system provides an arrestance of greater than 99.9% of harmful particles in the air so that you can trust every breath.

Most buildings have re-circulating air systems that enable indoor pollution, high carbon dioxide levels, and increased bacteria/viruses

Comfort Wall creates a healthy breathing environment by replacing stale existing air with fresh purified outdoor air.

Existing PTAC/PTHP units Re-circulate unfiltered stale air causing the following symptoms






Increased risk of illness





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