Optimized Comfort is provided by radiant technology, dehumidification, and low-speed air circulation

ComfortWall replaces the noisy and unevenly controlled temperature with state of the art innovation

Centrifugal Fans

Low-speed fans refresh, purify, and filter the air in the room

Radiant Panels

Heated to 120° F and Cooled to 37°F to accommodate for desired environments


Four internal filters per panel rated from MERV 4-16

Our technology revolutionizes the method of comfortably regulating room temperature


The panels emit the same radiant feeling of sunlight by directly transferring heat energy to your skin or in cooling mode absorbing heat directly from your body


The liquid in the panel is greater than 3,500 times better at holding energy than the air which allows for a more comfortable space

Optimized for low ambient white noise the centrifugal fans on top of either panel refresh the air within the room

Fresh and purified air is circulated around the room to permit a calming breeze

Soothing and consistent white noise increases productivity, creativity, and sleep

Excess moisture in the air is removed to provide a comfortable environment while also reducing the opportunity for molds to grow. 

Insulation Barrier

Four internal filters per panel rated from MERV 4-16

The extruded polystyrene acts as a barrier within the system to prevent the escape of internal temperature to the outside of the room. This maintains a more comfortable environment by reducing the amount of escaped energy. 

Most buildings utilize loud convective air systems that enable uneven heating & cooling, as well as, poor overall comfort.

ComfortWall replaces the noisy and uneven PTAC/PTHP system with silent radiant panels that provide an unmatched level of comfort

Radiant. Comfort. Reinvented

Comfort Wall designs cutting edge technologies for hotel use.


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