Comfort wall® creates a radiant heating and cooling systems that both purifies the air we breathe and adjusts it to a temperature that we enjoy.




This elegant system creates radiant heating and cooling while also ventilating the room with purified exterior air. Refresh creates an environment that is comfortable and also safer to breathe.
This system combines many separate systems such as Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, Air Exchangers, Air purificators, and Dehumidification systems with an advanced, patent-protected technology to create an all inclusive product that is more efficient, and comfortable.
*Product available end of 2020

Effective Radiant Comfort

Maximizing comfort through
radiant tech and eliminating the
problems of traditional PTAC systems

Air quality control

Concerned with effects of pollutants in our air and their impacts on our health


Versatile, fulfilling multiple functionalities to improve comfort

Radiant. Comfort. Reinvented.