Radiant. Comfort. Reinvented.



Benefits of Comfort Wall Products

Effective Radiant Comfort

Maximum comfort through radiant tech and eliminate problems with typical HVAC solutions

Elegant & Multi-Purpose

Design all products to have versatility and a simple UI

Cost & Energy Savings

Employ efficient heating and cooling comfort through a radiant approach

Radiant Tech

Like sunlight on a frosty day or a fireplace on a winter’s night, our radiant tech-infused products use the same cold penetrating physics to provide you the comfort you deserve

The Electric Suite



This elegant full-body radiant mirror brings home the heating comfort you deserve

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Discounted Pricing


MSRP: $250

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A modern take on the whiteboard that provides adjustable radiant heating comfort

The Hydronic Suite


With a customizable artistic finish, the wall mounted panel brings heating and cooling solutions even in the worst spots


Built into your wall, the sheet rock like panels provide both radiant heating and cooling and can be textured and painted with ease


A decorative panel coupled with a unique all in one unit that can replace your HVAC centralized systems with personal zoned comfort